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A few tips for success

Since so many factors affect fertility, it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle while trying to conceive. This mean a healthy diet and exercise, as well as cutting down as much as possible on stress.

A nutritional diet

Body weight

For women, being either underweight or overweight can affect your chances of conceiving. Losing weight loss can require a serious commitment, involving changes in diet and exercise regimens.

Whether trying to gain or lose weight, consult your healthcare provider for finding a weight loss program that is best suitable to your needs.

Alcohol consumption

Some research has shown a decrease in fertility in women who consume a light to moderate number of alcoholic beverages per week (between six and twelve). Therefore, for safety's sake, it is recommended to cut back on your alcohol consumption while trying to get pregnant, and, if possible, to eliminate it entirely.

Caffeine intake

If you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant, experts recommended to consume only one to two cups of coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverage per day to help ensure that fertility and pregnancy are not compromised.

Reducing stress 

Since fertility treatments can be extremely stressful, it is important to find ways to manage and decrease stress.

When it comes to stress, each person is different, so you should find methods that work best for you. Adopting calming techniques before treatments is very important, particularly if you have a low tolerance for stressful events. 

Ways to reduce stress


Some research has shown that acupuncture boosts pituitary and ovarian hormone levels, increases blood flow to the uterus and promotes relaxation.

There is not yet scientific evidence showing that acupuncture can increase pregnancy rates; however most women reported that it gave them an overall feeling of wellbeing, which made the IVF process more positive.


Reflexology is based on the concept that particular locations on your feet correspond to specific parts of your body. Thus, massaging targeted areas of your feet can help address problems throughout your body.

Most reflexologist sessions start by discussing the nature of the problem so the therapist knows what area of your feet to work on. The appointment usually lasts about an hour.

People find reflexology to be very relaxing. Therapists recommend starting sessions three months ahead of IVF treatment.


The objective of hypnotherapy is to help people relax while addressing anxieties or fears that may be hidden in the patient's subconscious that may be hindering the conception process.

Hypnotherapy helps patients undergo treatment with a more relaxed state of mind, with awareness of what is involved and a visualization of how the patient will cope with it.

To achieve maximum benefit, hypnotherapists recommend starting care several months before an IVF cycle.


Homeopathy is an alternative to traditional medicine, focusing on the whole body as opposed to specific symptoms. The theory is that "like cures like." Therefore, a homeopath will typically administer very small doses of substances that produce the symptoms of an illness in order to cure the actual illness.


Yoga has been proven to relieve stress; the focus on breathing during yoga can help you to feel relaxed and calm. Many individuals try yoga when they have been unsuccessful at conceiving or are actively undergoing fertility therapy.

Osteopathic therapy

Osteopaths can feel subtle body motions and can easily locate restrictions or congestions in the body. Using hand movements on these targeted points, osteopathic therapists alleviate the stress on those organs to improve how they function. This therapy has been known to help infertility, impotence, menstrual pain, backaches during pregnancy, emotional problems, exhaustion, and other conditions.

This technique has been found especially effective in healing the pelvic bone. Because the reproductive system is centered in the pelvis, people with infertility problems are likely to notice positive changes through osteopathy.

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