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How does stress impact fertility?

Many infertile couples experience a high level of stress. This stress can be due to personal, family, social and/or financial pressure. Regardless, this stress is an absolutely normal, natural and understandable reaction to an unpredictable situation with unknown outcomes. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that infertility can cause stress.

What comes first? Does infertility cause stress or stress cause infertility?

Science does not have a factual answer to the question of what causes what. It is very easy to blame our lifestyles and stress for our "dysfunctions," and infertility is one of those dysfunctions.

Older people sometimes choose to blame young couples' "overactive" lifestyles as the reason for their infertility.
Certainly, stress has an effect on the body's equilibrium. Studies have proven that excessive stress can interfere with ovulation, causing some women to stop producing eggs.

Even though, science has proven that stress can play a major role in infertility, it is too simplistic to explain away the problem to one single cause.

At times, other unapparent endocrinological or physiological factors can play a major role in infertility. For some couples, however, especially partners with unexplained infertility, the relationship between infertility and stress can be a complicated "chicken and egg" situation. Therefore, professional support is recommended to address any emotional or psychological considerations.

Emotional aspects of infertility

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